Profit5 offers an interesting ambassador program. With this program you can benefit from your own profit and help other people investing with us! By offering your customers our opportunity you are helping them to a financial bright future but you also benefit yourself. Good to know you can only become an ambassador when you are an active investor yourself.

How the program works:
To activate your Ambassador program you need to use the link you have received from the person who introduced you to Profit5. Once you are registered as our newest ambassador you can start working on your own program. Our Profit5 support team makes sure your on boarding as an ambassador will be seamless and will also be there to support you. 

In your back-office you will find your own referral link you can share with your potential investors. You can even personalize this link if you want so.
Once your customers start to deposit you will earn. This commission will be paid out to you after the first 2 full months this customer is active in the program. We have created 2 commission options:

Direct Customer Commission: 4% of customers deposit
Ambassador Referral Commission: 1% of customers deposit 

The commissions mentioned above will be paid after 2 full months the customer is active. 

Your first customer “A” deposits 1000 EURO you will be rewarded by 40 EURO. If this customer “A” also becomes an ambassador the story continues. 

Imagine customer “B” starts investing with us by using the referral link of customer “A” who registered as an ambassador. When Customer "B" deposits also 1000 EURO customer “A” will receive 4% (40 EURO) and you will be rewarded according Referral level 2. You will be rewarded with 1% which means 10 EURO.

The unique part of the program is our Lifetime Association: when a customer registers via your Ambassador link he will be linked for life to you. Meaning you will earn on every new deposit your customer or ambassadors makes as long as you are an active member of our Profit5 community.

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