The FAQs below are some of the common questions from our customers before purchasing the product. If you have any other questions, please send them to
Yes, our program is exactly created because we want everybody to be able to invest. The only limit is the amount of 1000 EUR and you need to be 18 years and older.
Our investment portfolio consists of investments in online companies, equity trading and the Forex Market. Now we have brilliant diversification for your invested money which results in a very nice consistent return for you as an investor.
Besides our diversified portfolio we maintain a very strict risk management system. Our asset managers work alongside with each other. With very clear company directions they lead the team of traders. Our trading team consists of a group of international traders working on strategies fitting in our company directions. Because of our international trading team we are able to find opportunities 24/5.
Payments are made between the first and second week of each month.
Yes we do! We call it our Ambassador program. This program can create a very nice extra recurring income for you. Want to know more? Ask the person who introduced you to Profit5.
Profit5 is founded by a group of active asset managers who really wanted to start an investment program for every single individual on the world.
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